How to Select the Best Color for Your Hair

how to select the best hair colorThe hair cut – a very important part of every woman’s image. By changing our hair style, we can get a completely new look. That’s why it is crucial to know if the color will look good on you before dying your hair. Often we would like something and buy it, thinking “Eh, whatever comes out.” However if you have blonde hair and get black with blue tint, you may end up with a really weird green hue. Well maybe some girls look good with green hair, but let’s not take any chances.

Think before you dye your hair. If you’ve got golden hues, try reddish or bright shades. Just don’t go for platinum blonde as this might make you look older. Experiment with the brown palette. It will probably give you youngish and fresh image, hide some imperfections or just add a different touch. If you dare to try red or copper hues, the effect would be stunning. Copper hair is not recommended though for women with golden skin as it makes them look redder. Ladies with light skin and eyes can easily become blondies. That color will give them a young and fresh look – isn’t that what most women want? With this skin color you may also turn into fiery queen, conquering men’s hearts by dying your hair in fire red. This bold color should be in harmony with the way you feel, otherwise you risk living in discomfort.

No doubt absolutely unique are ladies with marble skin and dark eyes. They can easily change the way they look with 100% positive effect. Perfect for these women is black hair with slight bluish hue. Copper shades also look fabulous on them as well as ashy ones which would be unacceptable for other skin types. Think before you act or contact Rush Hairdressers London for professional help and services and you won’t be disappointed with your new hair style.

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