Optimal Rejuvenation of Your Skin with Ova Skin Therapy

Ova CLEAN w box outsideWe rarely talk about beauty here. Only when we find something really extraordinary and worth sharing. The product of today’s post is exactly that – innovation, rejuvenation and extraordinary results. We have been working with the Spa of Willow Bend for quite some time already. Dr. Sam Lam is a plastic surgeon and owner of the Plano Spa. Just like everything he does, he put his heart into this amazing skin product. Ova is a skincare therapy with the most advanced plant-derived stem cell technology for optimal rejuvenation of your skin. The stem cells work the skin from underneath and help it get re-born and fully restored. It is like no other product on the market.

Ova skin therapy is ALL you need for your face – the best cleanser, AM face cream and in case your skin really needs help getting better – PM face cream. That’s all. No other products or cosmetics. That is why Ova is so great for both men and women. If you have problematic skin, sun spots, dark spots, acne – you will want to try Ova. Give it a week and start enjoying the difference. Maybe you are still young and don’t have any of the above mentioned problems? Well, you would still want to use Ova to help prevent them. It also works again wrinkles and all other aging issues.

Ova is created by people involved in the industry for more than 20 years. I was attending the cocktail for the launch of the products and the chemistry scientist who worked together with Dr. Lam on creating Ova said that this is the best cleanser he has made so far. I guess that is as great of a testimonial as it can get.

You can find more information, video from Dr. Lam and order the products on ova-skin.com. Don’t delay the rejuvenation of your skin. Get that young and healthy look every woman deserves!

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