Top 14 Tips on How to Apply Eye Liner

eye linerToday will switch for a little bit from fashion to beauty. Have you always admired that perfect makeup from the old movies sharpened with some perfect eye liner? It makes the eyes look very mysterious and sexy. And you have probably tried to get the same effect, but its not easy to make those perfect lines? Ok, thats why we want to help and give you 14 tips on how to master the eye liner:

1. Clean the eye ┬áline with q-tip and water so to remove any remaining products or oily layers.

2. Remember the eye lid has to be clean no powder, foundation, eye creams or other products. That helps the liner stay longer and not to smudge.

3. If you really need to put on some eye products like cream for dark circles, apply it before and try to avoid the eye lines.

4. Use smaller mirror: let it lean a little so you can see and focus on your eyes and also find support for your elbows so that your hands are stable and not shaking.

5. Study your eye liner brush by applying some on your hand first.

6. Do not pull the eye lid as you will ruin the line.

7. Start from the inner part: thats the so called retro style. This way you wont need to go through the whole length of the eye. Or you may start from the outside, stop right in the middle of the eye and change the width of the line. Thats more contemporary style.

8. Apply without hesitation: even if the line is not perfect from the first time you can always change it by using a q-tip soaked with makeup remover or in other words use it as an eraser.

9. To get the right symmetry first apply the main line and then, if there is a need, make it thinner with a q-tip.

10. The upper and bottom lines should not come together in the inner angle of the eye as that would make the look narrower.

11. Do not leave empty space between the line and the eye lashes. It doesnt look pretty and gives the feeling of incomplete. Instead make the line part of the eye.

12. To make it happen: start with outlining a thin line toward the eyes angle to get the direction. Once you have decided on the line start again from the outside and draw a line at the level of the eye lashes finishing in the middle or the inner angle of the eye. Then fill in with black color. Once youve marked the inner angle thicken the line a little or a lot your choice.

13. Apply the mascara after putting the eye liner or otherwise the lashes will be obstacles for moving of the eye liner easily.

14. Now you may apply a little powder or foundation to seal the deal!

Good luck! Let us know what are your tips for the perfect makeup.

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