What to Wear to a Club in the Winter

Since it’s Monday night and the weekend just passed (hope you had some fun) I will try to set you up in a mood again by making some plans about the next party. So you are probably feeling where this is going to: what to wear to a club in the winter? We have already talked a little about that in the post  what NOT to wear in the winter but today I am going to give you 5 outfit ideas on how to dress for the next party.

Winter makes it a little harder when it comes to matching cute outfits for going out. We want to look hot but at the same time not to freeze and be sick on the next morning. So which kind of clothes will give us some comfort in the cold weather and at the same time make us look sexy?

1. The first winter outfit that we would suggest is skinny jeans or pants and a fancy tunic. That one is very hot for tall girls who love to emphasize on their legs. If you are a petite that would not be a great option. Pick a sparkling tunic, decorated with embellishments or jewels. If the tunic is multi-colored or with lots of decorations go for plain black skinnies. If not then be bold with the pants – interesting prints or patterns will make the outfit very fashionable and eye-catchy! Here are couple of trendy tunics coming from Arden B. Visit the online store for tons of great stuff plus incredible sale with up to 75% off discounts!

Lace One Shoulder TunicMesh Inset Tunic

Price: $49.00                                                                           Price: $49.00

2. If you a “dress girl” and that’s your ultimate clubbing choice, make it a winter appropriate sweater dress! I know they are usually plain and not too fancy however you can always spice it up with accessories. Plus I am sure if you look hard enough you will find one that is so interesting that is almost impossible to wear at the office so your only option would be to rock it in the club! What do you think of those pieces from Arden B

Cable Knit Marilyn TunicSurplus Ruffle Sweater Dress

Price: $69.00                                                                                        Price: $69.00

3. Another one for the ladies loving dresses – it doesn’t have to be a thick sweater dress, you may go for a lighter cotton material but with long sleeves. Thus you will not be the girl wearing her summer apparel in the winter but at the same time will be prepared for dancing and flirting. Express will hook you up!


Price: $49.90                                                                                        Price: $49.90

4. If you’d rather wear a skirt than a dress, don’t forget the tights. Short skirts with bare foot are ok only when is above 70 F degrees outside. There are lovely woven or knit skirts that you may pair with embellished tights and cute top. Of course knee-high boots are a must. See Newport News for some cute skirts.

Sequined Mini SkirtThermal-Knit Mini Skirt

Price: $29.00                                                                            Price: $29.00

5. If this is one of these nights where you don’t really feel like clubbing but your girlfriend is going crazy as the her boyfriend-to-be might be in the club and you must go with her, then I know you are not in a mood for dressing up. But still – every fashionista has to look her best at any given moment. So it is ok to put on jeans and a plain top but heels and sassy accessories are definitely a yes-yes. Pick a trendy fur cropped coat as an outerwear (just a hint – Arden B). Put on big hoop earrings, fancy bangle and red lipstick. And don’t worry about the rest of the outfit. You are clubbin’ hot!

Faux Fur Crop JacketFaux Fur Crop Vest

Price: $19.99                                                                                 Price: $19.99

Have fun dear ladies and don’t forget – it is ok to go out without your boys from time to time. Enjoy some girl’s night and do it on a regular basis if you’d like to keep your relationship for a longer period.

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