Manicure and Hair Style Tips for New Year Celebration

Midnight Mambo Nail ColorManicure is an important part of every party outfit and can be either the finishing touch or the real killer. If you go for simple and elegant look on this New Year’s night, we would recommend more extravagant manicure with interesting elements and decorations. And the other way around – for fancy and provocative outfits the manicure should be a complement.

Nails in bright red, velvet or soft blue hues are very trendy this season. The shape should be short and round and for best results add some beads or brocade. Violet dramatic hues would also look fabulous if matching the color of your outfit.

Now that we’ve talked about the party outfit and manicure let’s pay attention to the hair. Having a nice haircut on the New Year’s celebration will bring your mood up however you need to choose it according to the place and the outfit you would be wearing. Despite the bad economy and cutting on expenses, every woman needs to feel good about herself and the best boost in self-esteem is given by a nice haircut and make-up. The tendency this season is – carelessly put back hair. Also for the special night focus on volume, chaotically spread highlights and crazy bangs.

Don’t forget – the place where you will be celebrating is the key to your hair style. Haircuts for house parties, cabin in the mountain or a fancy restaurant are totally different and should be carefully picked to bring the right amount of good mood!

Disobedience, individual style and killing charm would be part of your look if you trust out advice and ruffle your hair this New Year’s Eve!

New Years Hair Style

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