Stylish Trendy Clothing by INC International Concepts

It’s been a while since that brand caught my attention. I’ve presented some pieces here, matched in cute outfits, however haven’t talked about them as a complete unique brand. INC International Concepts, founded by Macy’s, offers high fashion for men and women. This is the label of the successful young person who dresses professionally and with style even when aiming for unpretentious casual look. To be honest with you I am not a huge fan of the department stores when it comes to shopping apparel. Just not my place. However lately I am discovering Macy’s more and more. And if you don’t like the crowds in the malls and all the people just hanging around and window shopping, you can always avail of the comfort of the online stores. If you have a busy life and the  professorial  attire is an inevitable part of your routine, you must check out INC International Concepts. Another strong part of their collection is winter and light outerwear, also fancy tops and pants, clubwear and more. You may find some of the prices a little higher, but watch for sales and discounts. I am sure information for those will often go on their Facebook page. Plus the men’s section is definitely worth visiting as well. I fell in love with the INC concept because they don’t offer just plain tops, pants and dresses that you can wear at work. Their designs are different, they show style and class you can only get from the designer’s clothes but at the same time prices are affordable. So even if you are just a junior assistant in a big company or one of the auditors, you can look like a million dollars CEO if dressed properly. Clothes make the man.   Naked people have little or no influence on society.”   ~Mark Twain

INC International Concepts Dress, Three Quarter Sleeve Paisley Print

INC International Concepts Dress - $39.50

INC International Concepts Dress, Three Quarter Sleeve Floral Print Pullover

INC International Concepts Floral Dress - $59.99

INC International Concepts Dress, Sleeveless Beaded Collar Metallic Tweed Sheath

INC International Concepts Sheath Dress - $37.49

INC International Concepts Top, Sleeveless Soutache Braid Kurta Tunic

INC International Concepts Top - $59.00

INC International Concepts Tunic, Three Quarter Sleeve Beaded Tie Dye Kurta

INC International Concepts Tunic - $69.00

INC International Concepts Long Sleeve Animal Print Ruffle Top

INC International Concepts Ruffle Top - $22.49

INC International Concepts Belted Turtleneck Lurex Tunic Sweater

INC International Concepts Belted Tunic - $32.24

INC International Concepts Cardigan, Long Sleeve Ruffle Braided Trim

INC International Concepts Cardigan - $69.00

INC International Concepts Thick Stripe Cascade Cardigan

INC International Concepts Cascade Cardigan - $37.49

If you are a person who often shops for professional apparel for the office, would you consider to make INC International Concepts part of your wardrobe?

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  1. Annie says:

    Love the Sheath Dress….and also Mark Twain’s quote :) )

  2. thats a very fasionable item you have posted…i like the dresses…

  3. Its a nice collection of shirts…loved it :)

  4. INC International always make good stylish dresses and they are in good prcie

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