Help a Women in Haiti and Get a Discount for a Fabulous Bra

Hello, dear fashion lovers! Remember sometimes ago when we talked about the perfect fit bra and the online school that will teach you everything about our good friend. Well I am going to remind you about Linda the Bra Lady and her online store, because they are running a wonderful initiative at the moment. I just couldn’t pass on spreading the word for something so greatly. Linda’s Online has joined forces with The Bra Recyclers to bring 1000 gently used / new bras to women in Haiti. The program, which was initially started by The Bra Recyclers, hopes to help one woman at a time with the gift of a supportive  bra. It’s a good and noble cause to help somebody in need by giving away a piece you would never wear or don’t like anymore. Because women in Haiti don’t have a choice. Maybe some of them never worn a bra in their life while we want one in every color and design. So let’s gather around this initiative and help more women feel like women and be a little happier. For everybody that’s willing to help there will be gifts and surprises! Linda is going to provide discounts for every bra that is donated:

♥  If you send in 1 bra, you get 10% off.

♥  If you send in 3+ bras, you get 15% off.

♥  If you send in 5+ bras, you get 20% off and a surprise gift!

If you would like to participate send your bras to:

Linda’s Online

c/o Operation: Bras for Haiti

68 Jay Street. Suite 401

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Write your e-mail address on a piece of paper and include it in the package, so they can send you the promotion code.

To learn more about The Bra Recyclers and the initiative check out the interview with their CEO Elaine Birks-Mitchell.

So go ahead ladies, clean your closet from the  gently  used / never worn bras and make some space for new fabulous pieces from Linda’s Online like:

Panache Eliza Underwired Balconnet Bra

Panache Eliza Balconnet Bra - $66.00

Panache Cleo Frances Balconnet Bra

Panache Cleo Balconnet Bra - $55.00

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  1. Really a nice initiative. To help women.

  2. Passion the website– really user friendly and whole lots to see!

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