Lounge Trendy Outfit for Spring

Time for another outfit post – my favorite lounge look which I ♥ to wear on the weekends. It’s super comfy and laid back, but also trendy and chic. Starting from top – these are my gorgeous Armani glasses which was one of my  first  purchases  from an American mall – paid 70 bucks and then found them at TJ Maxx for $20??? But they are still my favorite accessory. The leather jacket is another good deal from TJ Maxx – only $30 and I love the cut and the big collar. Just couldn’t wait to get warmer so to wear it every day as it’s perfect both as casual and work light outerwear. Top – just a simple tank for 5 bucks. Now pants – my one and only purchase from Forever 21 – I know how much all of you love that store, but I just couldn’t make myself to like it. However, I am dying for harem pants so these ordered online about a month ago. No, they are no longer available and yes – they are extremely comfy. Boots – bought them in the  beginning  of the winter from DSW shoe store –   that’s exactly when my  obsession  with gray started! Accessories – Charlotte Russe forever!!!

Lounge Trendy Outfit

Lounge Trendy Outfit for spring

Lounge Trendy Outfit with Armani Glasses

Lounge Trendy Outfit with Harem Pants

If you liked that trendy lounge outfit, below you can see a similar one. Or you can just take it as an idea on how to match harem pants. If it’s too warm for boots, try some cute sandals, but I will always pair baggy pants with heels – it’s just more sexy and definitely chic.

Product info: Sunglasses, top, pants and boots6pm.com. The only place I managed to find cheap leather jacket was Amazon. The accessories are from Charlotte Russe and New York and Company.

Kenneth Cole Sunglasses – $27.00

Volcom Without A Cause Tank Top

Volcom Tank Top – $18.40

FP Beach Solid Harem Pants

FP Beach Harem Pants – $40.25

Madden Girl Sheldun Gray Boots

Madden Girl Boots – $41.97

Coffee Shop Faux Leather Nipped Waist Moto Jacket - Black

Leather Jacket – $35.99

Charlotte Russe Earrings – $4.00

NY & Company Bangle Bracelet – $16.95

Did you like that trendy outfit or not a huge fan of harem pants???

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  1. the thing i like about leather jacket is that they give you the impression that you are a bad ass guy “

  2. leather jackets can really make you look good, they also make you feel warm and comfortable ‘*`

  3. Wonderful write-up, continue the good work!

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