10 Tips of Being Trendy with Less Money – part 1

This time I would like to talk about tips or small advices on what to do if we want to look trendy and stylish without spending a fortune on designers fashion clothes. After reviewing closely my daily routine I came up with my 10 tips for being trendy with less money. I don’t pretend to be dressed by the latest fashions or to have only brand clothes, but can say that know how to look pretty decent :) .  

1. Buy on sale!

Tip number one is to always take a look at the stuff on clearance. A lot of money can be saved and at the same time really nice clothes, shoes, accessories to be found. Who cares that it is from the old collection when it looks good on you and makes you feel pretty??? I don’t…..and I always always review everything on sale, because my idea is to have more amazing stuff in my closet than 5-6 pieces, each costing my monthly salary. So I would like to show you some clothes on clearance from DH Styles and you decide if it’s worth the price:

fuchsia-floral-chain-halter-top      gray-bubble-smocked-dress-with-belt

Price: $21.99/$15.39                                                          Price: $28.00/$19.00

2. Healthy body – trendy look!

The apparel is very important part of how we look, however in order to be trendy and beautiful we must feel good and be in perfect shape. Our body should have energy, our skin has to look healthy, our hair, nails, face….everything. So that’s why – find the things that make your body and skin feel good. I personally wasn’t doing anything special all winter – only working, then going home and watching TV or again sitting in front of the PC. I had absolutely no energy or desire to do anything. I felt my body like it’s made from wood because of the lack of any moving or whatsoever. So I finally decided to start going to the gym and I can say – after only two weeks of working out almost every day, I can feel the difference. And it’s not that I am following some strict series of exercises – absolutely NOT. I do only what feels relaxing to me – walk for 15-20 mins, go to the latino and aerobic classes, go to the pool and the hot tub, just move. Because that’s what our body needs to feel toned and energized. And let me tell you – for all the facilities that the gyms here offer, $30 is nothing. Everything is included in the price and basically all you pay is  $1 per day. That is totally worth it, because I am coming from a country where most of the people can not afford to go to the gym and all these benefits like classes, going to the pool, hot tub or sauna are considered luxury there. Another thing I love to do and makes me feel more beautiful and confident is the tanning. In Dallas there is no ocean, so that’s what we do when we feel like going to the beach :) Well that’s not super cheap activity, but again – if it makes you feel pretty $1.30 a day is worth it, right?

3. Affordable fashion  accessories.

I just came up with another idea that is going to make us look more trendy. So, when you are choosing your accessories, like purses for example, buy more colourful and unique ones. Just trying to avoid the traditional dark colors can really make a difference and put you out of the crowd. Because after all, what does trendy really mean? To me this is to be different and have your own style, to have taste about how you are dressed and what accessories you choose. Another benefit of buying purses with colorful design is that you can combine it with several pairs of shoes – one for every color that you purse has. To give you an example, take a look at some suggestions I found on Amazon:


Price: $19.99                                                                                                        


Price: $35.00                                                                            Price: $24.99

I love colorful handbags, very soon will make a post and show you all the different kind of bright and affordable purses that I can find.

4. Keep up your hairstyle!

Another tip for a woman to look trendy and beautiful is to take a good care of her hair. I always do something with my hair after I wash it out – either make it straight with the flat iron or curly with the drier. But whatever you do, buy some protecting products, because the hair can easily get weak and look messy. And I am not saying you should go to a hair-dresser every week – that’s absolutely not affordable. I wasn’t expecting this kind of services will cost that much and even after paying $100 for just a hair-cut, you can still be very dissatisfied. It took me 9 months to find a nice place where I can keep up the good look of my hair and it’s still not cheap. Well $40 is not much if you are happy with the results, but at my country I had a wonderful stylist who was doing everything from the washing to the straighting for $10 :) )) But still, no need to go that often to the hair salons if you use nice products to keep it safe from the flat iron and the drier and make it look shiny and healthy.  

5. Own style v’s brands and high prices.

My next tip is again orientated to the apparel – I just would like to mention one more time that looking trendy doesn’t mean to wear only Versace or Dior if these clothes doesn’t make you feel confident and pretty. I’ve seen people dressed with brands from  head to foot, but still not looking fashionable and stylish. Because if you don’t have taste to match colors and designs, the brand, even if that’s the latest trend, won’t make you look stunning or different from the others. But if you are really into the designers clothes, you may review tip 1 again and take a closer look at the items on sale offered by your favourite designers.  

These are my top 5 tips for being trendy with less money – please expect the continuation with the next 5 advices very soon.

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