Affordable New York trendy clothing for the office

Hey, I think I found the best brand for women’s trendy clothing online for the office. The clothes are stylish, formal and guess what – totally affordable. There are even bottoms and shirts   for less than $15!!! Can you believe it? Of course, there is a little problem with the available sizes for the items on sale, that’s why hurry upNew York and Company is waiting to set up your new working closet.

Check this out:

7th Avenue Flare Leg Pant

Price: $19.97

This endlessly feminine, soft and ruched shirt  is also available in gypsy red, which makes it a perfect combination for black business pants.   Honestly I like both outfits, even if you get it in  beige, you can still match it with any dark color pants. Cheap, stylish and trendy – you are all set for Monday :)

So the next one is:

7th Avenue Bootcut Pant - Tall City Stretch Shirt - Beachdot

Price: $46.95                                                                     Price:  $14.99

Very cute outfit – perfect for the office on Tuesday. I know the long, leggy bootcut pants are a little expensive, but every working lady should have at least one pair of trendy blue pants in her closet. The shirt will compensate – only $15 for such a nice looking top is absolutely worth it!

And one more:

City Style Striped Scoop Neck Sweater City Style Straight Skirt

Price:  $18.47                                                                     Price:  $36.95

Yes – that is the outfit I am suggesting for Wednesday – city style striped scoop neck sweater and this  classic straight skirt. There is also a great deal – if you buy this sweater you get another one for 75% off! That’s  dirt-cheap :) . Basically the skirt can be combined with any business shirt or formal blouse and the  scoop neck sweater, as obvoius from the picture, will ideally fit a pair of skinny jeans for your casual Fridays!

Here it comes something special:

city-style-button-front-shirtdress collection-two-tone-shirt-dress

Price: $54.95                                                                                            Price: $34.00

Perfect trendy dresses for work – stylish, sophistycated and affordable. Look good and feel great wearing these New York and Company designer outfits as your Thursday apparel. And only now take advantage of their great offer – buy one, get one 50% off!

The last suggested outfit will be some fresh idea for the casual Fridays:


Price: $23.06

Of course the choice for the casual Fridays is wider, but I think this outfit is really cute and also affordable. Pick up the right accessories and look pretty, trendy and fashionable – just like a model!

See more affordable work clothing by Tilly’s or also Guess style trendy apparel for work or women’s office clothes by Mod Cloth.

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  1. Stefka says:

    Bloga ti e chudesen pozdravlenia!!!
    Dokato razglejdah temata si haresah nqkoi ne6ta na “New York & Company” i se chudeh kak bih mogla da gi porucham ?! Ne sum mnogo naqsno s pazaruvaneto online, a tablicite s ramerite sa mi napulno neponiatni:)))
    Shte sum ti mnogo zaduljena ako mi dadesh poveche informacia.

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