How To Wear Clothes E-Book by My-Vogue

How To Wear Clothes E-Book by My-Vogue

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New Generation Mascara

LashFood Conditioning Drama MascaraToday we will talk beauty. I was given the opportunity to review one of my absolute must-have products. Something I can’t live without. A product I apply every day, no exceptions. So I am confident in saying I have experience with it and maybe, to some extent, could be called an expert. This brilliant product is her Majesty – the Mascara. I believe it is girl’s best friend more than diamonds or any kind of jewelry. It gives a face a different vibe, outlines the eyes and most of all – provides confidence.

With that in mind I am always on the look for the best mascara. In my case I don’t need so much length than volume and color. Another important thing is – the less chemicals the better. So I was really excited to try the LashFood Conditioning Drama Mascara. What’s so special about this product? It is not just a make-up addition. The LashFood mascara features Nano-Peptide technology which helps your lashes grow stronger and longer over time. It is paraben-free, gluten-free, prostaglandin-free, synthetic fragrance-free and cruelty-free. Comes in two colors – black and brown. Advice to pale-skin and blonde girls: if you haven’t tried brown mascara, please do. It looks a lot more natural on us than the black one. You will love the effect. Now back to the LashFood Conditioning Mascara – the big, fluffy brush makes it really easy to apply several coats in order to achieve the drama effect. It also has smudge-proof and semi-waterproof features which means you don’t have to go every two hours in the bathroom to “fix your makeup”.

If you haven’t found the perfect mascara for your lashes and are still experimenting every time you need to stock up on this product, I would encourage you to try the LashFood Conditioning Drama Mascara. There is a good chance you will fall in love and would never have to experiment with your face again.

How to Pack Cute Oufits for a Vacation

Many people are taking advantage of the budget-friendly travel options that tend to come about this time of year. Whether you travel to a tropical destination or make your vacation one that is a little closer to home, you still need to do some preparation. Nothing can ruin a vacation like not being prepared and properly packed. Avoid this issue by using the following tips to make sure you have the proper fashion essentials for any trip!

1.      Confer with Mother Nature

No matter what you want the weather to be, there is absolutely no reasoning with stubborn Mother Nature. Always check with her before you pack. If there is the slightest chance of rain or a cold front approaching, make sure that you pack accordingly. While you do not want to over pack and have to lug around a heavy bag, it is always best to be over packed than to be out of town without items you need and miserable. Pack for the extremes and you will be covered. Great items that are perfect for in-between weather are jackets made from different materials. For example, leather jackets add a stylish, rockstar element to even the most casual outfit but can also second as a great piece of outerwear in case the weather changes. Grab a jacket with a hood if the weather shows it may get a bit cooler with rain.

Short leather jacket Winter coat

Next you need to make sure that you pack items that can be mixed and matched to work for the following types of outings:

2.      Casual Cute

Chances are that a lot of your vacation will be spent touring the town and walking around. While you want to be comfortable, you also want to be fashionable. Two of the most comfortable garments which are also easy to style up or down are jeans and leggings. Make sure you only bring a couple of your favorite pair of jeans because jeans do tend to get heavy and can quickly weigh your bag down if you pack too many. When shopping for the perfect pair of jeans, be sure that you try on different brands and stick to quality brands as well. While jeans can get expensive, it is definitely an item where you truly get what you pay for. The same can be said for leggings. Get leggings that are made from quality material. While you may think all leggings are made alike, quality leggings feel better, last longer, and make your body look more toned than cheap brands.

Throw on your casual bottoms with a cute top and you’re ready to take on any activities for the day!


Jeans Long shirt

Black Pants

3.      Going Out Fab

You always want to be prepared for a night out on the town or a chic event. Nothing is worse than being underdressed with no cute outfit options while you’re on vacation. Grab simple cocktail dresses that go with the same pair of heels to minimize the amount of items you have to pack.

Black Dress Little Black Dress

These fashion tips are from Caché, a nationwide specialty retailer of women’s apparel, dresses, formal wear and accessories. Visit cache online at for these looks and more today!

How to Select the Best Color for Your Hair

how to select the best hair colorThe hair cut – a very important part of every woman’s image. By changing our hair style, we can get a completely new look. That’s why it is crucial to know if the color will look good on you before dying your hair. Often we would like something and buy it, thinking “Eh, whatever comes out.” However if you have blonde hair and get black with blue tint, you may end up with a really weird green hue. Well maybe some girls look good with green hair, but let’s not take any chances.

Think before you dye your hair. If you’ve got golden hues, try reddish or bright shades. Just don’t go for platinum blonde as this might make you look older. Experiment with the brown palette. It will probably give you youngish and fresh image, hide some imperfections or just add a different touch. If you dare to try red or copper hues, the effect would be stunning. Copper hair is not recommended though for women with golden skin as it makes them look redder. Ladies with light skin and eyes can easily become blondies. That color will give them a young and fresh look – isn’t that what most women want? With this skin color you may also turn into fiery queen, conquering men’s hearts by dying your hair in fire red. This bold color should be in harmony with the way you feel, otherwise you risk living in discomfort.

No doubt absolutely unique are ladies with marble skin and dark eyes. They can easily change the way they look with 100% positive effect. Perfect for these women is black hair with slight bluish hue. Copper shades also look fabulous on them as well as ashy ones which would be unacceptable for other skin types. Think before you act or contact Rush Hairdressers London for professional help and services and you won’t be disappointed with your new hair style.

Cute Outfits – Colorful Trends for Winter 2013

Let’s take a look at the trendiest colors for this winter to make sure your cute outfits 2013 are very much according to the latest fashion. Will have a walk around the designers choices for this year:

The lady in red:

The  color of love totally obsessed this season’s hottest looks. Regardless if we are talking long coat, suit or evening dress, the rule is – all red! The classic partner in crime, almost invisible, would be the good, old black – like an accessory or just as a finishing touch. Every hue of red is in fashion, especially the color of good, tasty wine…


Killing Ultraviolet:

Loaded with romance and drama, the purple hues have no intention of leaving the stage this season. So get them incorporated into your winter cute outfits 2013. From gentle lilac to killing ultraviolet, unbelievable combinations are running on trench coats, cocktail dresses and hot heels. Very popular is purple leather glowing with power and luxury.


Black Magic:

There isn’t a single moment in the fashion world when black would lose its importance. This winter the never ending classic lives in  long evening dresses decorated with lace, sequins or embroidery. On the other side stands the black leather in the Matrix style – jackets, mini dresses or suits.

All Black Cute Outfit for Winter PONTE KNIT FIT AND FLARE DRESS

The Snow Queen:

Gorgeous white enlightens the otherwise dark winter. The fashion code of the Snow Queen dictates white on furry coats, warm boots and accessories like hats, gloves, scarves. Be different and wear all-light cute outfits this winter to stand out of the dark crowd.



The exquisite contrast participates in dresses, skirts, even pants which only need a pair of red boots to look complete. Vibrating prints in black and white radiate with amazing energy and don’t look too formal.


Blue Waves:

Summer is calling us out even during the cold winter months with cute outfits in blue. The joyful color makes everything more positive – from cardigans to shoes and purses.


The golden girls:

No wonder this winter very popular is the color of the sun – because it is the season of the golden girls. From long dresses, hugging the whole body to formal coats – designers turned everything they touched into gold.


Don’t you agree that after all this winter 2013 looks like a colorful dream?? Rock these trendy cute outfits!

Attention: All outfits in this article are available at EXPRESS.

Merry Christmas and What to Wear on New Years 2013

What to wear for New Year 2013

Hi All and Happy Holidays!! I know it has been a while since I last posted a cute outfit idea or commented on a fashion trend… I apologies for the lack of posts and will try to show up more often during the new year. Just wanted to use my-vogue platform to wish health and prosperity to all of you still visiting this page. Christmas is not too much of a fashion event since we are gathering with friends and family in a cozy, comfortable atmosphere, but probably most of you are wondering what to wear on New Years 2013? So let me give you a couple of ideas.

Just like every winter, this year black, grey and brown are very much in fashion again. If you feel like wearing something colorful though, try blue, purple or red. Think of staying warm more than being sexy and skimpy as you wouldn’t want to welcome the New Year with a flu, under the sheets. If you are going with a gorgeous dress, stock on some winter accessories like stockings, scarves and gloves. Don’t forget a nice, warm coat as well.

No matter how simple and casual, a cute outfit can always be spiced up with appropriate jewelry and make-up. Go to your beauty saloon and pay for a fancy hair style rather than an expensive piece of clothing suitable for summer more than for the cold months. No matter what you decide to wear, focus on having fun, dancing and laughing. Be ready to welcome the new year in your best positive mood, with some money in your pocket and surrounded by good, smiley people. And think about the person you would like to kiss right at midnight!

Here are couple of suggestions on cute outfits for New Year 2013 taken from my book “How to wear clothes” which you can download here for many more outfit ideas and tips on how to match trendy clothes and colors.

black and red cute outfit 2013

Black and Red Cute Outfit 2013

black & gold cute outfit 2013

Black and Gold Cute Outfit 2013

Consider a Shirt Dress as the Cutest Summer Outfit

What do you think of a long boyfriend shirt? To me that’s the perfect summer wear. And trendy on top of it!

Shirt Dress Cute Outfit for Summer


If you are looking for the perfect apparel to keep you feeling good in the summer heat, consider these:

Fred Perry Button Down Madras Shirt DressEllen Tracy Shirtwaist Day Dress

Sergine Kaftan Shirt DressRoyal Robbins Bistro Dress

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Shirt DressThe North Face Women Chambray Shirt Dress

All dresses are available at

So many advantages – comfortable, loose, stylish, trendy, cute. There isn’t anything that would feel better on your skin than a cotton long shirt. For a stylish look add a skinny belt. Sandals, flats, wedges – whatever you feel like. Add a fedora as a finishing touch. Another good news about getting yourself a boyfriend shirt – you can totally wear it during fall and even winter, unlike most of your summer dresses. Just add leggings and boots. So cute!

My last hint for today is: when getting yourself a shirt dress, it is probably a good idea to buy it one size larger than what you normally wear. The looser, the better. Rock it!

Become Part of a World Record Attempt – the Wrapped in Merino Campaign

Wrapped in Merino CampaignToday we will talk about a very cool campaign created by an Australian organization called The Woolmark Company. They are giving fashionistas the unique chance to create the World’s Longest Social Scarf! The Wrapped in Merino campaign is aiming for an official world record and its goal is to socially connect people who love wool and scarves by wrapping themselves together. I know it’s summer and wool is the last thing we want to think about right now, but just visit the website hosting the campaign and see how much fun it is! What a great reason to browse through your winter memories in order to pick the best picture to upload. Once it’s live, you will have the chance to pick the color, design and fabric of the scarf that will wrap around you and connect with the other gals already there. Plus you will be automatically entered for a chance to win one of eight fashion prize packs, including Net-A-Porter vouchers and soft Merino wool scarves. Such a fabulous giveaway and so much fun!

So far 3186 people are participating. In order to break the record, there should be at least 4000 people. So visit through one of these pages:

Microsite –
Facebook App –
Facebook ‘We Love Wool’ page –

You can also watch the promotional video here:

Let us know what do you think of this interesting campaign and good luck with winning one of the great prizes!

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